I love helping people identify and articulate their feelings through pictures and if need be words.

My inspiration for my greeting card creations has come from my travels across the globe in the last 20 years working as a graphic artist for the major networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX & ESPN). I have had the privilege of working on the Academy Awards, Super Bowls, as well as the Olympic Games in four countries. Along the way, I collected eight Emmys in the field of Art, Design & Graphics in the sports and entertainment field. As a creative art director I pioneered the layout of a newspaper publication called Real Life & Times. As an artist, I have created and illustrated a children’s book called "Being Grown-Up is Not What I Thought". In addition, I have also traveled to third world countries on adventurous humanitarian trips.

Collectively, these experiences have helped me to conclude this...no matter where you go in the world, people are fundamentally the same - they desire to be loved, to laugh, be uplifted & to connect with others. I hope to bring these things to not only the reader but the sender of the cards as well.

Reach beyond the ordinary and embrace the spectacular journey called life!